YaffaFace2My name is Yaffa Wainer. I am an Impressionist-Naturalist artist

I was born in 1949 in Israel by the name of Yaffa Politi.  I have always been interested in art and gained great experience with various materials, techniques, and crafts. My artistic life began as a young woman during the 1970s, and since then art has always been a central part of my life. However, my major exposure and craftsmanship that lasted most is painting. I gained my formal artistic knowledge in several Israeli art institutes and workshops with Israeli artists.

I started to paint professionally while living in the Philippines (1990’s). My mentor there was Roger San Miguel, a valued Filipino artist who is known as “The Impressionist of the Philippines”. He tutored me and exposed me to the magical world of Impressionism-Naturalism painting. While in the Philippines I mostly painted my immediate environment. Despite the harshness that was all around, I tried to convey in these paintings the harmony and tranquility that I believe could be found everywhere. During my living in the Philippines, I traveled to many Asian countries and their influence is apparent in my paintings.
My themes are now inspired by national and international pastoralism and the natural harmony that exists almost everywhere – as long as one is able to uncover it – as I am trying to do in my paintings.

My Current Exhibition:

“To the Nature” Hod Hasharon, Israel (Solo)

My next exhibitions:

“Israeli Visual art” LUIGI BELLINI MUSEUM, Firenze, Italy


View my work at the studio with some of my fellow artists.