Yaffa Wainer – Genuine way of expression

posted on: April 9, 2013
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For Yaffa, painting is a genuine way of expression and a means to discharging cooped energies. Through her creation she channels her experiences, thoughts and personal impressions.

Creation is a contest of predomination between the mind and the paint on the canvas – either oil or acrylic – when the hand and the brush are only means to an end. Sometimes painting is an expression of experiences in the present, but many works wait a long time to be realized.

For Yaffa Wainer art is communication. Her process of work is made of a direct stare at the scene, collection of experiences and emotions, internalizing them and meting them out. Only then will she return to the canvas to express her impressions. An olive tree for Yaffa is all trees; the painted scenery is all sceneries; every painting is made of confident brushstrokes while processing the collected data.

Yaffa began walking down her artistic path as a youngster. She has gained artistic knowledge at the Ramat Hasharon School of Art, as well as in art courses in Tel Aviv University and under the helm of several artists. While living in the Philippines for several years she has received lessons from the well-known artist Roger San Miguel, from whom she has learned the basic elements and technique of painting nature.

Yaffa is enchanted by the subjects of her paintings, and she re-explores them time and time again from different angles. This renewed and ongoing sense of novelty rubs on to us, the onlookers, and through her excitement we gain visual interest and pleasures.

Yaffa’s talent allows her to turn even the most familiar and banal scenery into a personal statement full of sentiment. She eternalizes the moment of the scenery and bestows upon it a special fabric of colors that beams with serenity and peace.

The focus of Yaffa’s current work is the scenery of the land of Israel. In her own gentle special way she produces magnificence from them. Yaffa will present a collection of her works in the Gerard Behar Centre in Jerusalem from December 12 to December 26, 2007.

In the forthcoming year Yaffa will showcase abroad as well. First she will exhibit her paintings of Israeli sceneries in Holland. Also, Yaffa was selected to a group of Israeli female artists as part of Israel’s Sixtieth Anniversary celebrations. This group will hold a joint exhibition in the National Museum of Art in Romania.
One person Exhibitions:

2004 – Amalya Arbel Gallery, Tel Aviv

2005 – Between Seasons, Belgium House, Hebrew University, Jerusalem

2007 – Beck Science Center, Jerusalem

2007 – Harvest, Belgium House, Hebrew University, Jerusalem

2007 – Gerard Behar Centre, Jerusalem

2008 – Lauswolt Art Gallery, Holland (11th May 2008)

Group Exhibitions:

2005 – Herzliya Artists Exhibit in Herzliya

2007 – Kaleidoscope, Alternative Gallery, Yaffo

2007 – Herzliya Artists Exhibit in Lake Gallery, Ra’anana Park, Ra’anana

2007 – Herzliya Artists Exhibit in Chagall House, Haifa

2008 – National Art Museum, Cluj, Romania (19th March)

Wrote: Emanuel Kipnis – artist and curator

December 9th 2007.