Yaffa Wainer the impressionist artist

posted on: April 9, 2013
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“For the artist, communication with nature is still a principle condition, the most substantial, The artist is a human being, he himself is a nature, part of nature within a natural space” (Paul Klee).

The naturalist impressionist artist Yaffa Wainer also combines color and texture in her work to form a rhythm of form and content. Relating to site and location, she presents a scene of golden fields on the one hand and abundant verdure of nature on the other, Yaffa weaves her feelings and impressions through a keyboard of colors. The horizons with their implicit spirituality are an important element of her work, the words of the artist Mordechai Ardon are relevant to Yaffa’s work: ”The earth below is yellow, black or red, furrowed or scalloped and full of smell of noon, Today’s artist must wander through and inhale the dry air arising from within”.

Yaffa Wainer, who began her artwork in the 1970s, acquired her artistic education especially in painting, in several art institutions in Israel. She worked under the guidance of the impressionist artist Roger San Miguel. Her latest exhibition was held in Gerard Behar Center Jerusalem Israel.

Dr. Zvika Israel

Chairman ICU, International Cultural Union,

Chairman, Painters and Sculptors Association in Israel, Haifa and Northern Region.

Printed: 03rd November 2007